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The Mystery of the Uptown

Political Cartoons in a New Age

The Internet causes democratization of the creation of art. Rather than political cartoons being made by the NY Times or any publication, anyone can make art that caters to any sort of demographic. An artist doesn’t need a major corporation to be successful just because their work isn’t in a newspaper or on some online publication.

The New Normal: 5 Tips for Work-Life Balance

Imagine this: You are working your day-time job at home while knowing you have tons of responsibilities at home. This includes making food and cleaning up your room, while making sure you are on top of the work you are doing. It can be difficult to get the right work-life balance. Are you looking for ways to create a great work-life balance while working from home?

Why Did Music Change?

The first song I learned to sing along to when I was a kid was the ending theme song for Dora the Explorer. I’m sure many people may have the same memory. From being just a child, the sound of music shined a light. Music translates very early even when a baby is in its mother’s womb.

Life During Covid

COVID-19 has been a tough time for us all. We have had to deal with schools closing, lost jobs, remote learning, the inability to go out, and more. We have had to adapt in these hard times and do things we ordinarily wouldn’t do. We have discovered new hobbies, watched a ton of shows, and learned new things about ourselves.

Painted tainted pictures of us.

I wanted to highlight black men during this time, obviously cause of Covid but more specifically due to the protests of June.Due to the death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, there was sort of reckoning of racism as if it has been embedded in. this country for the past four hundred years.

Who’s Behind Untold Uptown?

Untold Uptown is a publication produced by NYC youth with the intent of informing and inspiring readers on various issues. Writers speak on topics regarding social justice, entertainment, health, and more but they also reveal small tidbits of themselves through their writing.To learn more about the talented writers and artists of Untold Uptown, please visit our About Us page.