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Being The Outcast

Voguing and Ballroom Drag Culture

Voguing is known as a modern form of dance or an advanced form of dance, when actually the origins of voguing are closer to home here in Uptown Manhattan. Modern Ballroom culture emerged from the 1920’s in different parts of New York City , where mostly white male contestants participated in drag fashion shows.

Connectome: The Brain’s Blueprint

You have a blueprint in your head. A blueprint that explains why you hate eating pickles. A blueprint that explains why you feel sad listening to “Marvin’s Room,” by Drake. A blueprint that explains why you have an affinity for STEM and not History, or English.


All I could hear were the screams growing louder and louder. Desperate voices pleading for help as the air filled with the smell of blood and rotting flesh. Covering my ears, I squeezed my eyes shut, Everything will be fine. Everything will be fine. This is all a horrible dream. This isn’t really happening. But…

Racism Normalized

Throughout the years, there have been more and more hate crimes against people of color. Some experiences have been worse than others and way too many people have gone through harassment because of their race and culture. Now you must be wondering what is the cause of this racism?

Who’s Behind Untold Uptown?

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