Christopher Rodriguez

Christopher Rodriguez is a 19-year-old Bronx native currently residing in Harlem who is fortunate enough to be his family’s first-generation college student. His article’s topic on the mistreatment of this planet affects him because he cares about losing privileges, such as the quarantine preventing us from going outside. Chris chose to venture into this track to gain knowledge and remain productive during his prolonged break from college. 

Chris considers writing as a “sandbox” to escape his reality and create another world from his mind. He also intends to capture the reader’s interest by creating short animations to spread awareness. He’s passionate about the changes and actions people must take to better care for the planet before it’s a planet no longer safe enough for any living thing. He believes we should be mindful of the harm people inflict upon the planet. We need to preserve the planet for the lives we bring on this earth everyday and the futures we’re creating. —By Chanteau Robinson

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