Jalyn Cameron

Jalyn Cameron is a 16-year-old student participating in an internship for the Uptown Hub. She is taking the Art & Journalism track because she is passionate about writing and wanted to explore journalism as well as other ways she can express herself. Writing has been something she has always enjoyed especially since she loves to express herself, inform other people,  and, if she is writing fiction, she loves to tell a story that engages the reader’s emotions. She has been interested in writing because she also enjoys reading and likes to create things with words as a creative outlet. 

Jalyn is writing an article about voter suppression in Georgia, which is personal to her because when she lived there, she experienced and saw how the voting machines were broken and the lines for them were very long. She has been interested in this subject since her freshman year of high school and she has been into topics like politics and social justice. Jalyn is passionate about her topic because she is interested in how politics affect people personally. She finds it surprising that even though people have the right to vote, people can be denied that right or they choose not to participate. She wants the message of voting for the nation to be heard because even if things don’t directly impact you, you should still acknowledge it and fight for it as a country. —By Leslie Mesa

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