Born in Queens, Knaux is an 18-year-old student who attended LaGuardia Community College before the pandemic occurred. Though he is still deciding what he wants to do, he is interested in and enjoys creating art. He illustrates and sells his own art as commission. Creating and making art is something that he has been really good at from a young age. Through the encouragement from his family to keep going and continue, he found and learned new ways of expressing himself with different forms like spray painting and chalk drawing, which helped him get through high school. He is currently interested in creating 3D models, learning how to rig them, and how to create animations.

From an email that was sent by his sister, Knaux saw this as a good program to participate in as a way to build up skills. In this project, he focused on writing about experiences, from his own perspective, about living in the projects in Queens and the Bronx. And by taking the experiences of others, whether they live in the projects or are other people of color, he wants to take and show the verbal and physical racism that they face. Tying in all these experiences, he wants to show what life is really like in the projects and the racism that they face while adding visual components to help convey this message. —By Candice Fu

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