Miah Soto

Miah Soto is Dominican and immigrated to the United States when she was eight years old. A student of Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning school (WHEELS), she works at BioBus and at the Uptown hub. Her article tackles the effects teen drama coming-of-age movies have on young people today, which is a topic that’s personal to her because every time she watches a movie about young teens she becomes interested in fashion. These movies have inspired the fashion she sees and she uses it in her life.

Miah is passionate about this topic because not everyone has seen some of these films, and she believes she can bring a light to the movies that are not often talked about. Several movies Miah has been inspired include The Edge of 17, Lady Bird, and Léon: The Professional. She finds them aesthetically pleasing and relatable and she hopes to inspire others to watch more movies. 

Miah is interested in and inspired by the arts and sees it as a way of expression herself. In her future, she wants to go to college, travel and capture everything about the trips, and then make a personal collage of pictures. She would also like to develop articles for other magazines and interview people that have watched the movies she likes about how it has inspired them. —By Kenneth J.

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