Nicole C.

Nicole C. is an Hispanic young adult who is 19 years old and was born in Manhattan, New York. She aspires to be a writer/photographer in the near future. She goes to College of Mount Saint Vincent in the Bronx and is currently working with Uptown hub as an intern. When choosing this course, her inspiration behind it was her passion for art and poetry.

She first got into writing poetry when she was in fourth or fifth grade. “I always enjoyed reading and had many of my own thoughts that I eventually began to actually put into words,” she says. When asked why she became passionate about writing she added, “I’m passionate about it because it allows me to express myself in a lyrical way, in which I can really say anything without judgement.” She believes that poetry allows for all the highs and lows of life to be turned into something that is ultimately beautiful to oneself and others.

When choosing her topic she decided that she wanted to write about immigration for her article because it is something that is personal due to both her parents being immigrants. Eventually, her parents were given the opportunity to become American citizens, but she believes that a person who was not born in America should not be considered illegal. The message she is trying to convey with her article is that everyone is human and just because they were born in a different country they should not be dehumanized for trying to achieve a better opportunity in life. People should be able to live their lives freely without any complications. As passionate as she is, she wants to make a change because it affects her as a person and is nothing more than an inconvenience to the people in her life. —By Niobe P.M.

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