Niobe P.M.

Niobe P.M., an incoming junior at the Young Women’s Leadership School of the Bronx, was born and raised in he Bronx, New York. She wishes to pursue a career in film and has a dream to be a videographer while also venturing into graphic design. Her start in writing began with her wanting to make a change in the world and be helpful to others. She expresses how writing can educate people and allow room for research to be done on not only essential information, but anything of interest to a person. “I want to be that resource that people can turn to, and just rely on,” she says. 

From writing poems to drawing in her notebooks during school, Niobe was drawn to the Arts and Journalism track because of her love for creativity. Her interest in art stems from the beauty of art itself. She recognizes that there is more to art than what meets the eye, saying, “It looks really nice and it’s something you would like to stare at a lot all day. Art makes you want to know the meaning behind someone’s artwork and when you ask them about it, there may be a whole other meaning as seen with abstract art.” 

Niobe focuses her writing on the topic of police brutality and social injustices. She vocalizes how people of color, including herself and her community, are poorly treated by others. “People of my color are brutalized for doing nothing and are just regular people who get harmed for no reason,” she says. Her interest in researching the topic of police brutality was sparked in recent years, though it has been a pressing issue since before she was born. Niobe believes that other people should also know about this issue because of how important and essential it is. She expresses how, “Even though it may not affect you, you should really help and should not be silent in this situation. It should be crucial for people to help out others in need.” Niobe wants to make people more aware and conscious of what’s going on in the world, making sure every person is being held responsible where accountability is needed. This issue holds a grand significance to her and she wants all people to recognize and accept why it is a major matter in the world today. —By Nicole C.

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