Omni Haruno

Omni Haruno, a 22-two-year-old young woman who lives in Manhattan, New York. Like many, she doesn’t know what she wants to do in life, but has a love and passion for writing. Omni used writing as a way to express the feelings she has but can’t share with others and as a way of showing her true self. As she put, “writing takes her into a whole other dimension. It’s an escape route for me.” And it’s one in which she can release all her creative juices and whenever she gets the chance to learn how to draw, she wants to create her comic. “I love to write fictional stories, mostly stories with dialogues,” she adds. Omni chose this class for the internship to learn something new, including a different type of writing.

Omni loves animals, and she hates the mistreatment animals receive. Growing up, she became attached to animals from seeing animals in the zoo or even the wild and always gave them the love and respect they deserved. Omni has two pets of her own, a  dog name Minnie and a rescue kitty named Dolly. “I have grown bonds between Minnie and Dolly,” she says. Along with her bonds with her pets, Omni has bonded with other animals such as birds, hamsters, and bunnies when they were her pets and she would love and care for them. To Omni, “household pets are there for us when we are in our tough spots. Cats and dogs sense when we are sad, stressed, depressed, and other negative emotions we feel.” 

Animals are close to her so doing the topic of animal abuse is exceptionally close to Omni. She wants to spread the news of animal cruelty and let people know that animals protect themselves, their newborns, and us. “Cats and dogs are not the enemies; they are there for us when we create bonds between cats and dogs,” she says. “It’ll get us to attach.” All she wants is to have people be a little more aware of what is happening behind the scenes since they’re not talked about, especially now during this paramedic. We barely hear anything on the animal’s side, especially now where most conversations are about COVID-19 and the harmful effect it brings toward the world and politics. 

In her article, Omni wants people to take animals into account and consider the place animals hold in our lives. It’s essential that animals be taken care of, loved, and treated with respect. —Luna Knight

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