The Arts from the Uptown Youth

By Kenneth J. & Angel F.

Untold Uptown is composed of many young artists. With artists who are passionate about photography, illustration, and film, this piece will spotlight their talent outside of their written work.

Artwork by Kenneth J.

On this night, I went out with some friends to hangout and explore the city that never sleeps. After my friends left, I stayed back and walked slower to take some pictures with a slow shutter speed. I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out the settings until I finally got the shot and was happy for the outcome of the picture. I call this THX because it has like a zoom type motion.

On a Spring cloudy afternoon walking around Uptown near George Washington bridge this view captivate me and inspired to keep that memory for my portfolio.

I Just Need Friends 

I became interested in photography based on an Instagram account of a photographer named Chandler Bond. His work of objects in motion inspired my recent project. Using glow sticks and slow shutter speeds, I created movement with light. Through experimentation I threw the glow sticks in the air, or held them in my hands and moved within the frame. Through trial and error, whether it was hand held or I taped them up, I was able to create shapes with colored light. For me, light is about opportunity and color represents emotions. Combined, they represent the happiness I have found with photography’s ability to visually expressed my innermost feelings. 

Visually, I was able to express how I feel using text on my images. I selected four photographs that spoke to me and decided to write and draw on them. I often have negative thoughts that make me feel depressed. “I hate myself,” I often hear in my head.

Photo by Kenneth J.

This is how I feel lately, not caring about myself or others. It’s like I am numb. Circumstances, trauma, and loss of friends, often leave me feeling alone. From the outside, everyone thinks I am fine, but inside I feel differently. I can be a really funny person when people talk to me, but this body of work allows me to express how I’m actually feeling. People ask, “What could be the solution?” My response: I just need friends.

Photos by Miah Soto

Photos curated by Angel Flores

Artwork by Lolimar Peña

Delicate / Deep….In these quarantine times I decided to reveal an old piece that I made. The #burntmarch challenge was to make something that represents deep plus delicate and so far our lungs describes both. We have to remind our self to take care of ourselves and others during these time but also remind our selves who is our main provider overall. God gives us life .. he breaths air into our lungs.. he provides us with the essential parts to live with. In the mist of this epidemic it made me think about how we still have life then why shouldn’t we still be thankful and if so then we should keep praying for those who need it the most . So stay home. Here’s a bible verse that connects everything: “The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”- Job 33:4 . Overall we should be grateful for whatever we have and also help each other through these times.

Artwork by Matthew Salazar

Artwork by Omni Haruno

  • Artwork and photos by Omni Haruno

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