Samantha Mesa

Writing her dreams and nightmares and turning them into stories, started a love and interest in writing, for Samantha Mesa. Samantha Mesa is a sophomore at Lehman college who doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do with her love for writing and her vast knowledge of mathematics. Along with writing mathematics, Samantha is also into robotics which also sparks another interest in programming, she imagines herself as being the first person to create the perfect human-AI or to be known as a great author. That dream of being a great author isn’t far off; currently, she is working on a book.

Samantha being born and rise in Bronx New York and growing up with her older brothers gaming became a core point of who she is until high-school where her passion for writing begin when she started writing her dreams and nightmare to her it’s felt like she pulled her into another universe and saw writing as a form of expression a way for her to tell people how she feeling instead of telling them through speaking and she said, “without video games and especially without writing, I would be lost without it.”

As Samantha grew up she knew she was different but didn’t think it would affect her until removing the blinder and seeing how people she has but that didn’t stop her from making friends with people who didn’t see anything wrong with her. When she around friends and families she feel safe, at school, there were a few adults that she would always go-to for comfort, to talk about her problem or just to hang out these people became role model one was her Counselor, the second her speech therapist and third a main office staff member who each play maternal figures in her life and watch her grow up in the school from 6th to 12th and being there from her in times of distress and besides these figures she has friends that will help her too. Many people in her life will describe these things as smart, hardworking, helpful, kind, jovial, silly, boisterous: makes light of every situation. –Rosie Hendricks

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