Rosie Hendricks

With her love for writing beginning in elementary school, Rosie Hendricks is an aspiring journalist and a college sophomore at Temple University. At a young age, she used journals to jot down short story ideas and poems. As time inched forward, however, these journals developed a new purpose. From fiction writing to journalism, Hendricks finds herself scribbling down notes from research papers and interviews often, hoping that more practice will prep her for a future in the arts and entertainment field.

Born and raised in New York City, Hendricks was exposed to various art forms everywhere that she went. From her grandfather, who was a professional painter, to her high school which was well known for its drama and art department, she knew early on that she wanted to lead a colorful and abstract life. She went on to major in journalism in college and has since declared a minor in classical languages and literature which she hopes to put to use in future articles.

As a child, she was a huge fan of various book series including Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson novels. His stories revolving around greek mythology played a significant role in her current interests and in her decision to minor in classics. Some of her other interests are photography, movies, and music. She takes inspiration from everything — whether that be through art, film, or sound and states that her writing process stems from any content she can consume. So much so that when coming up with articles to pitch, she looks through a notebook, she’s kept for several years, of quotes and details from her favorite things.

Hendricks considers herself an ambivert and argues that when she finds the time to relax, she prefers to do so by hanging out with friends. In that vein, she hopes to be remembered as a compassionate individual and a friend to all. In this magazine, she is granted a platform to reach out and speak with a large variety of different people, from her fellow staff members to the people she interviews for her articles. After working on a few magazines over the past few years, she yearns to continue on that path and become a notable name in the writing world.

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