Travis Raeburn

Travis Raeburn is a graduate from Purchase College who strives to accomplish his artistry in acting and his goal is to inspire black kids to have their voices heard in this industry. Growing up in Brooklyn, his mom was his inspiration. With her warm hugs and affection, she motivates him to be confident and shows him an example of how to love. Travis has a desire for acting. He likes learning about new characters and meeting new people. Outside the room of his passion for acting he also likes to dance, write poems and listen to people.

Standing out from the rest of the crowd, Travis who is now 22 years old became interested in writing at the age of 15. He started with scripts of rap songs and poems. Writing is important to him because nobody can write for him like the way he does. With the knowledge from Shakespeare in his acting career. It taught him to become a better artist everyday.

For his project, Travis came with the idea of writing about covid 19 because he feels it is important for people to understand what it takes to be in someone else’s position with a covid 19 sickness. Travis doesn’t think that there would be any other piece like this in the future, however he plans to accomplish a non profit organization about mental stability for youths and how it is important in the world of performing arts. -Victoria Ramsahoye

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