Victoria Ramsahoye

Victoria Ramsahoye is a sixteen year old from Guyana with dreams of attending Pace University, to continue her studies as a nursing student. Immigrating from the United States in 2016 she enjoys singing, writing and acting from the comfort of her bedroom. When she is able to find time in her schedule she loves making her favorite dish, barbecue chicken and macaroni and cheese listening to music such as Ariana Grande’s piano. After experiencing the death of her father, she tapped into a passion to want to work for hospitals with children and dreams of working at St Jude hospital. She has taken her writing to new heights and is currently developing a book about teenage life and has written all the way up to chapter 11 while only at her senior year at TapCo high school. In the next decade she plans on releasing 3 full length narrative books. Her article explores how artists relate to their music and more specifically the evolution of its impact from the 1960s rock and roll to today’s hip hop’s influence. At the age of only 16, Victoria is ready to conquer the world.

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