Nizette Dugue

Nizette Dugue is a junior attending Queens College in New York City.She is a second generation Hatian-American who is interested in film photography. She is a street, and landscape photographer, but she hopes to expand her repertoire and do portrait photography. Dugue finds that photography grants her a new perspective through the camera’s lens allowingContinue reading “Nizette Dugue”

Samantha Mesa

Writing her dreams and nightmares and turning them into stories, started a love and interest in writing, for Samantha Mesa. Samantha Mesa is a sophomore at Lehman college who doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do with her love for writing and her vast knowledge of mathematics. Along with writing mathematics, Samantha is alsoContinue reading “Samantha Mesa”

Rosie Hendricks

With her love for writing beginning in elementary school, Rosie Hendricks is an aspiring journalist and a college sophomore at Temple University. At a young age, she used journals to jot down short story ideas and poems. As time inched forward, however, these journals developed a new purpose. From fiction writing to journalism, Hendricks findsContinue reading “Rosie Hendricks”