Why Did Music Change?

Music is something that is hard to forget but something to always remember. It comes from various packages when it opens it surprises us every time. Every package comes with something different each year, whether it is different artists, sounds, beats and top songs, it can be many different treats. Music will always change, otherwise it would be soulless.

The first song I learned to sing along to when I was a kid was the ending theme song for Dora the Explorer. I’m sure many people may have the same memory. From being just a child, the sound of music shined a light. Music translates very early even when a baby is in its mother’s womb. When the baby is inside, they hear sounds before they are born and it sets them up for creativity and other activities when they come into the outer world. It is a type of art sound, be it vocal or instrumental, that expresses ideas and emotions and it speaks volume to individuals.

Take a few seconds to think about a time in your life when you were ecstatic or unhappy. What was it like? Was there music?  People have treasurable memories of songs from their wedding days, birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions. Have you ever sat down, and the place got suddenly quiet you started humming a beat? I’m sure you answered yes. Music triggers our minds to a certain type of feeling. For example, if you’re sad and you listen to a sad song, our sadness is heightened. However, if a happy song comes on, you will suddenly get cheerful. Even in times of anxiety, sadness, or loneliness it can help calm us and lift our spirits. It impacts us in ways that other performing arts can’t.

Over the years, music has become more relevant. The sound of music causes a positive effect on time. Now, people use music to do anything in their life. From special events, to an everyday meditation routine or just a mood booster tune. In a recent interview with Ms. Bijoux Lukelo, a Police Atheltic League (PAL) coordinator, she said “Long ago, performing arts was not as important because people didn’t take the time to look into it. People were told to look into professions to be more stable to make a roof over your head.” She continues, “The performing arts are what keep people’s minds together. Media such as Netflix, Spotify or listening to music on YouTube is a form of escape. Performing artists always have a reason or find a reason to create.”

 “If we look at different historical events like slavery. Even though that was a traumatic experience music was used to pass messages around”

Bijoux Lukelo

In addition, more recent artists such as Lil Naz X, Drake and other hip hop artists  remind us of that one pumping rap song or beat. But are you aware of artists like Jimmy Hendrix, The Doors and The Kinks? Some names might sound familiar but for some it might be hard to recognize because of the age group and the generation that we are currently in. These were artists who mastered rock music in the 60s era. Jimi Hendrix was well known for his electric guitar in rock music. Including The Doors and The Kinks are bands that are well known for their rock music. 

As music grow and expands for years to come. Hip hop and rock, along with other genres, had significant changes by cultural growth, times passing by and new artists and sounds that are discovered. Mr. Tony Ramirez, a trumpetist, said, “Music is a reflection of our culture. Music evolves and changes. It also describes an era for example when someone says you were born in a disco era. It is what is popular. People like changes and are always looking for something new and refreshing.” This shows that from time to time, sounds become beneficial and helpful to others and music will continue to grow and change. 

Music was also significant during slavery. Slaves used music as communication and sang songs to bring them joy and happiness. Both Ms. Bijoux and Mr. Tony expressed that music played a great role and was effective during slavery.

How we relate to the world, music will always have a positive outcome in our lives. It will always be a commonality and continue to tell our story. From now on, no matter what comes next, listening to your favorite song from your favorite artist or maybe discovering new ones, music will continue to make you feel at ease. Play the tunes and listen to the sounds. Whether, instrumental or vocal. You will always find a connection. Where we are right now and moving forward music will continue to impact us individually or collectively for the rest of our lives.

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