Leslie Mesa

Leslie Mesa is an artist. Her medium is traditional art, but she dabbles in digital art as well. Her love for art stems from the creative outlet it provides that allows her to express her emotions while creating. In the realm of creativity, Leslie wishes to broaden her knowledge and experience different forms of art, which is what brought her to the Art and Journalism track. She wants to learn more about the craft that is writing. 

Leslie is a student at Unity Center for Urban Technology where she strives to explore different subjects and challenge herself academically every day.

In this track, Leslie has taken her passion for social justice and channeled it into an article about social media’s effects on racism and police brutality. This topic is close to home for her because she knows people whose lives have been directly impacted by police brutality. The events inspired her to use her art to raise awareness about the subject and she quickly realized that she could help the movement by just being creative. Leslie wants people to know that the issue of police brutality is more common than is portrayed on the news. In her article, you will read statistics that will support her words and learn about social media’s role in these topics in a creative way. —By Jalyn Cameron

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