Jon Marichal

Born and raised in New York City, Jon Marichal is a 16-year-old junior in high school. Jon is inspired by the arts. He sees art as a form of self-expression and enjoys fashion, drawing, and creating film. Jon believes art can expand in multiple dimensions, creating unique perspectives for diverse groups of people. Art presents people an insight of what others think and feel, furthering the connection between two individuals on a personal and vulnerable level.

Jon likes photography, as he wholeheartedly believes this will encourage individuals to express their ideas using a creative platform. His favorite photographers include Gunner Stahl, dill35mm, and Terry Richardson. Jon first ventured into film and saw works by Gunner Stahl, fascinated by the way Gunner uses his crafts to capture ordinary life. Jon also follows many photographers via Instagram and enjoys seeing their crafts and the personal themes they choose to explore through their works. The portfolio among many of these photographers gives off captivating vibes and inspires Jon in his own work.

Jon hopes to produce something meaningful throughout the course of his time in this program. His dream goal is to continue creating compelling work and inspire others through his art-making process. In his free time, Jon likes to listen to podcasts, watch Youtube videos, and trendy fashion shows. – Bonnie Chen

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